For decades, diabetics have been required to draw their own blood by way of sticking their finger tips, to check their blood sugar.  Combined with the need for insulin injections, diabetes is not a pleasant problem to have.  There is no cure, and management of diabetes is about chasing your blood sugar to determine how much medication is required to deal with the amount of sugar in the blood.

Recent research has been focused finding a more simple solution to the requirement of needle sticks to check blood sugar levels as well as delivery of insulin.  Insulin pumps have become more popular, and involve a small box, about the size of a deck of playing cards, attached to a belt or taped to the skin, with an indwelling needle inserted through the skin for a slow, constant delivery of insulin.  Other research involves an inhaled insulin, without much widespread acceptance.

Even more recently, a continuous blood sugar monitor can be worn to keep track of blood sugar levels, WITHOUT having to routinely stick yourself.  This small device is taped to the skin, and can be worn for up to a week, keeping regular measure of blood sugar level.

With each passing day, more and more research takes place in effort to make the management of diabetes easier.   It is for this reason, in addition to improved public awareness as to the adverse effects of diabetes on the feet, why amputation rates have dropped considerably over the past 10 years.  To avoid diabetes related foot problems, regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is, FIRST and FOREMOST, the most important aspect!  If you have diabetes, an annual foot exam is recommended to catch problems EARLY.  Many diabetes related foot problems can be kept MINOR if caught early.  If you or someone you know has advanced diabetes, with or without diabetes related foot problems, give us a call.  Close monitoring of your foot health by Dr. Block and staff at the Bluegrass Foot Center is the BEST way to avoid problems, including those associated with diabetes!

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