Fungus is a naturally occurring organism that grows everywhere. On your floors, tubs, shower, socks, shoes, on your body, outside, inside. Fungus is everywhere; you just seldom see it. Some people can develop a fungal infection involving their toenails. The nails can become thick, brittle, discolored, green, black, flaky, unsightly, and sometimes painful. In addition to other treatments, we offer laser nail treatment to kill the fungus. The laser has the ability to kill the fungus under the nail without harming the tissue of the nail bed. Over the course of months, the nail grows off with normal, healthy appearing nail growing at the base of the nail. Success rates for laser nail therapy can vary, but can be as high as 75%. This treatment is not covered by insurance. If you think you have a fungal infection of your toenails, please give us a call for consultation to discuss options and decide if laser nail treatment is right for you!

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