We can provide in office testing of the lower extremities with the PADnet digital arterial testing system, to determine if you have any arterial disease in your legs. The arteries (carrying blood down to your feet) can become diseased from a number of factors, including smoking, cholesterol, lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes, as well as genetic factors. Signs of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) include muscle spasms, cramping, Charlie horses, the groin, thigh, calves or feet when lying down, sleeping, or after walking a certain distance. Determining the extent of PAD can be very helpful in determing your risk of wound formation, especially in diabetic patients. This test, often covered by insurance, takes about 25 minutes and is completely painless. Finally, determining if you have PAD could just save your life, as 75% of people with peripheral artery disease also have heart disease. If you have symptoms of pain in your legs, cramping, Charlie horses, muscle spasms in your groin, thigh, leg, or foot, call us for a consultation! It could just save your life!

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One of five people diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease will experience either a heart attack, stroke, or death, in 5 years.

There is a 33% lower risk of amputation when a podiatrist is involved in the care of a diabetes related foot wound.

Glenda T-71yo
“I can’t say how thank I am enough. I had the testing done on my legs to find out I had a blockage in my left leg. Dr. Block sent me to my cardiologist, who also performed a test on the arteries in my neck. Found out I had a significant blockage in my carotid artery. Ended up having to have surgery to clean out the artery in my neck but it probably saved me having a stroke and could have saved my life.”