Ankle sprains occur in just about all of us from time to time, resulting in pain and swelling of the ankle.  The severity of the sprain can vary, depending on the amount of pulling or tearing of the ligaments on the sides of the ankle.  For a basic sprain, simple rest, ice, compression, elevation, and some anti-inflammatory medication works very well.  For more severe sprains, immobilization in a walking boot may be needed to rest the area for a couple of weeks.   The pain and swelling following a sprain can linger for a couple of months.  Even after a simple sprain, the area can remain swollen for 2-3 months.  There is no real cause for concern as long as the pain subsides.  A simple elastic ankle sock can be used (available in the office – see receptionist) daily to keep some compression on the ankle during the day.

If you repeatedly sprain your ankle, with progressive instability of the ankle, you may have ankle instability as a result of damage to the lateral ankle ligaments.  For chronic ankle instability or concern about an ankle sprain, give the experts a call.  Dr. Block and staff at the Bluegrass Foot Center is where you will find the answers to all your foot and ANKLE problems.  Until next stay, stay healthy friends!

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