The age of patients with foot problems varies widely; I’ve removed ingrown toenails on a 6mo old, and have performed surgery on a 92 year old. Through the years, I’ve seen women come in with foot pain of varying types and severities, the majority of which could be effectively treated with a good quality arch support and a sturdy walking shoe. The resistance in following this recommendation, however, seems to grow with each decade of life. Why? It seems apparent that with each decade of life, the shoes women find both comfortable yet appealing must be lighter and lighter in weight. Tell a 45yo woman that she needs to purchase a pair of good quality supports and wear a walking shoe regularly and there is little resistance nor problem. Tell an 85yo woman the same thing, and you will be scorned! “You can’t be serious? Those clunky things?” It is not understood why, but the shoes I find most women prefer to wear from 70 years of age and older are usually slip on, have a flimsy sole with little support, and do not possess enough room for insertion of any type of arch support. Vanity has its price!! If one would simply start to wear a good walking shoe regularly, they would become more tolerable, and in turn, more comfortable. As the adage goes, “It hurts when I do this.” –then stop doing that!

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