Winter spells colder temperatures in many places of the world, including Kentucky. With colder temperatures comes enclosed shoes. Enclosed shoes often leads to increased foot problems, such as pain from bunions, bone spurs, abnormally contracted toes (hammer toes), and athlete’s foot. To avoid such problems heed some helpful advice.

To avoid pressure against certain areas of your foot, ensure you wear shoes that are wide enough or have a large enough toebox to prevent irritation or excessive pressure in certain areas. If necessary, take your shoes and have them stretched. Better yet, bring them to us; we’ll do it for you!!

Also enclosed shoes can bring itching, irritated feet! Ensuring your shoes have enough air circulation can help avoid this sort of problem. Fabrics such as canvas or nylon breath better than leather. When possible, slip your shoes off and let them air out. If there’s odor, we have a solution for that as well! Over the counter Lamisil cream or spray can be very effective against itchy feet, and soaking in concentrated black tea daily can reduce excessive perspiration.

For your winter foot blues, give us a call!

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