I am pleased to have had 2 more cases attain significant relief with platelet rich plasma injection therapy.  Patient #1 had been treated by 2 other providers, and was recently told that nothing else could be done for his chronic foot pain.  Prior treatments included numerous steroid injections, physical therapy, rest, immobilization, as well as heel spur resection therapy.  Ultrasound revealed all findings suggestive of scarring of the plantar fascia (plantar fasciosis).  Following failed improvement with a few conservative treatment regimens, platelet rich plasma injection was performed.  Five weeks following PRP treatment, he was absolutely pain free.  As long as he wears his custom orthotics the large majority of the time, he should be pain free indefinitely!

Patient #2 has had chronic pain of the posterior heel for over 2 years, previously diagnosed as a heel spur.  Previous rupture of his other achilles tendon was a clear indication that both problems were the result of significant contracture of the muscles in the back of his leg.  To reduce the chronic inflammation of his left heel, PRP was recommended.  After one month in the walking cast following this treatment, he is now PAIN FREE!

The effectiveness of platelet rich plasma injection can not be understated!  If you suffer from chronic heel pain, either on the bottom or back of you heel, it is possible this modality may work for you!

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