Ingrown toenails are problems most people deal with at some point in their lives.  Information available online as to home remedies include cutting a “V” in the center of the end of the toenail, shoving pieces of cotton under the edges of the nail, and cutting the toenail straight across.  Most all ingrown toenails are caused by the edges of the nail digging down in to the skin.  While some shoes and nail trimming habits can contribute to the development of ingrown toenails, most ingrown toenails are inherited.  SO, should you trim the nail straight across?  Does this help in any way?  There isn’t anything one can do to prevent the curvature of the nail.  Trimming the nail may keep the skin edges from relaxing, thereby causing future nail growth to push in to the skin, the best rule of thumb is to cut the nail with clippers as far as the clipper will grow.  If it doesn’t hurt to round the edges of the nail, then trim this out.  What should be avoided is cutting a piece of nail and yanking the entire edge of nail out.  Removal of an ingrown toenail is done in the office, takes all of about 5 minutes, involves anesthetizing the base of the toe, removal of the offending nail border(s), and applying a chemical with the intent this portion of the nail does not regrow.  Recurrence rate is ranges from 8-10%.  There is no down time or limitation of activities following this procedure.  For your ingrown toenail problems, give us a call!

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