A recent study has documented potential harmful effects of nail polish, including possible birth defects when worn by pregnant women.  It has long been known that chronic use of nail polish can create a number of problems, but not to the severity alleged in this study.

It is never advised to wear nail polish for weeks and weeks.  Doing so can cause damage to the nails, including discoloration or yellowing of the toenail.  In many commercially available polishes, the dyes can leech in to the nail, leading to this discoloration.  Additionally, chronic use of polish can also result in a superficial fungal infection on the surface of the toenail.  This type of infection is usually amenable to topical medications, such as Penlac.

Of a bigger concern, as the article alleges, is the possible damage caused by the “toxic trio”, a number of preservatives and chemical often found in these polishes.  The primary concern, however, surrounds the lack of documentation to consumers that these chemicals are present in the polish.  To my knowledge, it has not been definitively proven, but alleged that prolonged exposure to these chemicals can potentially cause birth defects in pregnant women.

To avoid a number of these problems, use of nail polish, such as JUST FOR TOENAILS, that are preservative free and contain teatree oil for improved nail health, is recommended.  We sell this polish in our office to the general public for $20/bottle.  Stop in to review the wide array of shades available.  Moreover, if you have been treated for a fungal nail infection in the past, it is advised to use such a nail polish to reduce the potential for recurrence.  If you live outside of town, call us and we can ship the polish to you!

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