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Without hesitation, the ultimate concern to this office is your medical care. However, due to the complicated manner in which medical care costs are covered, we must present a financial policy to all patients to avoid confusion with regards to payment for your medical care.

We will file insurance forms for all services rendered, however, we remind you, that you as the patient, are ultimately responsible for the bill, regardless of insurance coverage. We are proud that our basic fees are comparable to others in our community. We encourage you to ask questions about them. In order to keep fees to a minimum, we ask that, whenever possible, you pay at the time of service, which includes all copayments and deductibles, so that we do not have to send bills. A statement of your account is provided containing information needed for insurance purposes. The primary way to avoid many problems is to ensure your insurance coverage is accurate, up to date, and includes podiatry services as a benefit.

By reducing billing costs, we can keep medical costs down and use personnel on the most important task: quality patient medical care.

Your Medical Record
The medical records (including all x-rays) always and legally remain the property of the doctor – not the patient. The patient can request, free of charge, one copy of their personal record. The physician may wish to review the record before release to clarify technical issues. Should the physician elect to send you to another physician for any reason, your original x-rays may be sent either with you or through the mail to the referred physician. This will be done only after the patient has signed a waiver authorizing the transfer of the x-rays. Your original x-rays will be given out only when the patient’s care is directed from this office to another.

Patients wishing to obtain x-rays for their own use can obtain copies for a charge of $5 per x-ray.

Patients requiring a referral can not be seen until the referral has been received by our office.

Missed Appointment Policy
A 24-hour notice is required for all appointment cancellations. Your time is valuable, and so is ours. The office will charge $25 billed to the patient for missed appointments that were not cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Disability and Family Medical Leave Act Forms
Should you require surgery and need forms filled out indicating the time needed off work, our office will supply a standard form with all pertinent information regarding your diagnosis, procedures, time needed off, and level of mobility for work to your employer and/or insurance company. All additional information requested above and beyond what is included in our standardized form will be charged at a rate of $5 per page and $.50 per copy for medical records information.

Returned Check Policy
There will be a $35 charge for all returned checks.

Payment of Your Account
In cases of financial difficulty, we do offer the option of a payment plan. All patients needing to establish a payment plan can do so by requesting a financing form, which includes a $25 financing administrative fee (to cover costs of producing numerous billing statements/postage/etc). A Collections fee of 30% will be added to your account (with a maximum charge of $30) for all balances sent to a collection agency. For this reason, it is best to arrange a payment schedule with our office prior to being sent to collections.

Patients needing custom orthotics (shoe inserts) are ultimately responsible for payment. The charge for orthotics is $240 per foot. Orthotics paid in full the day cast impressions are made are discounted 50%, for a total cost of $295. There is an additional $55 casting charge which is required for the orthotics to be made.

Should you have any questions regarding our financial policies, please do not hesitate to ask any member of our staff.

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