The alignment of the leg to the foot bears a significant effect on development of foot deformity and potential pain.  Women tend to have more variations in knee alignment than men.  Women possess wider hips, to allow for child bearing.  As a result, the thigh bone (femur) extends down from the hip at more of an angle, as opposed to a straight line perpendicular to the ground.  When the thigh bone is angled, the position of “knock knees” develops.  In some cases, the severity of knock knees can be so severe that pain can develop, including premature arthritis developing in the knee.  As the photo demonstrates, when the knees are “knocked” or nearly touching, this causes the center of gravity to fall medial (more towards the center of the body) to ankle.  This creates a constant potential of the arch collapsing, and pain and deformity as a result.

The development of a fallen arch can be quite a debilitating problem, leading to potential chronic pain and possible need for surgery.  Those with a known knock knee position should seek custom orthotics, and wear them regularly.  Use of a good, sturdy, quality arch support (orthotic) is the best way to prevent the potential development of pain and foot deformity.  Furthermore, avoidance of walking barefoot and avoidance of flip flops, sandals, and house shoes can GREATLY minimize the potential problems often associated with those with knock knees.

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