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SPECIALTIES: Porokeratosis

One of the most common skin conditions of the foot is that of a plugged up sweat gland, also called an intractable porokeratosis (IPK).  VERY often misdiagnosed as a plantar wart, these hard, conical, thick callus lesions are on the bottom of the foot, commonly below one or more of the balls of the toes, and often feel like a splinter stuck on the bottom of the foot. 

Caused by a callus build up occluding the sweat gland duct, IPKs grow into the skin like a thorn.  Sometimes they can be peeled out with the fingernails or a pair of nail clippers, revealing a core or cavity in the skin.  They are not plantar warts.  Warts are caused by the Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV), and exhibit either little spots of black pepper in the callus, or look like a bunch of small areas of pinpoint bleeding when trimmed.  An IPK does not exhibit either of these characteristics.  Treatment is focused at getting rid of the callus lesion, accomplished with freezing spray, acids, cautery (burning), simple excision, or a number of other treatments.

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