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We are happy to be one of a few Kentucky foot and ankle surgeons offering a new, innovative technique at bunion correction.  A LAPIFUSE bunion surgery is the most effective, accurate way to restore normal anatomy and alignment to the foot, minimizing the effects of hallux valgus (bunions).

A bunion is a gradual drift or deviation of the ball of the great toe sticking out the side of the foot, causing the great toe to often lean towards the 2nd toe.  This inherited deformity is the result of instability of the base of the bone AND a rotation of the bone, causing it to deviate in three planes.

lapifuseA LAPIFUSE bunion correction restores the metatarsal in the anatomic position, AND reduces the 3 dimensional rotation deformity of the metatarsal, placing the foot in a much more normal, anatomic alignment.  This is by far the most accurate, reproducible way to correct a bunion.

Recover requires 10-14 days without weight, either with crutches or a knee walker, a walking cast for 10-14 days, a walking boot for a week or 2, then into a regular shoe.

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My first ever visit to a podiatrist was for pain in my left foot/heel.  I chose Dr. Block because he had previously helped my husband and a good friend with their foot problems.

After a plantar fasciitis diagnosis, Dr. Block suggested options of a steroid injection or MLS Laser therapy.  I chose MLS Laser Therapy.  I had watched the video in their lobby and researched on line.  Dr. Block recommended several treatments.

After two treatments there was a considerable amount of improvement.  My sleep was less interrupted.  My husband noticed the difference immediately with how I was getting around at home and in the yard. (I'm a "die hard" flower gardener.)

After four treatments the pain was MUCH less and ibuprofen was reduced tremendously.  Even Dr. Block was impressed with how well I had improved in a short amount of time.
I'm very satisfied with my choice of MLS laser therapy.  MLS Laser therapy is 100% the way to go for me.

D. Shoemaker