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A recent study has found that diet and 2.5 hours of exercise per week reduces the risk of diabetes by 58%!

Last week, Sherri Shepherd, was voted out of the popular ABC celebrity dance show, Dancing With the Stars.  Due in part to an injury to her foot, she was unable to dance as well as she normally could.  Dance shoes are rather snug, leather shoes, with a slight heel and leather sole, to allow for sliding of the sole of the shoe on the ground (picture trying Michael Jackson's MoonWalk in tennis shoes.  Doesn't work.) 

One of the sacrifices of dance shoes, however, is lack of a good sturdy sole.  She best way to prevent injuries in a low top shoe is to ensure the middle of the shoe, the midsole, is very stable.  If it bends across the center of the shoe, it is not that supportive of a shoe.  In addition, a heel can create a bit of instability of the foot and ankle.  The ankle bones are shaped in a way that there is much more stability of the ankle when standing on a flat surface.  The higher the heel is raised off of the ground, the more prone the ankle becomes to injury, such as ankle sprain. 

While dance shoes are certainly better than dancing in flip flops, barefoot, or in a flimsy pair of canvas shoes, they still are not ideal in preventing foot injuries.  If you have a foot or ankle problem and are unable to "boogie down", give us a call.  We'll get you back to kickin up the dirt in no time!

Periodically we see patients who have varying histories, yet a commonality of one or more of their toenails no longer growing, often for a duration of 4 or more months.  While the causes of an absence of nail growth can vary widely, many of these cases are the result of some sort of repetitive trauma to the nail.  Whether a day or two of hiking, playing soccer, wearing tight fitting, closed toe dress shoes at a wedding, or simply from walking in a pair of shoes too tight, constant pressure on the toenail can result in fluid accumulation below the nail.  When this occurs, the nail is separated from the root of the nail, resulting in a new toenail growing below the existing toenail.  Often times, the fluid, or blister under the toenail will drain, but this nail stops growing.  It takes 4-6 months for the new toenail to grow out to the end of the toenail.  Many times, the old toenail will need to be removed to prevent the area below the nail from staying constantly moist, which could predispose to infection.

Other times, when the nails don't seem to grow, it could be from nutrition, other systemic diseases, injury to the root of the nail, or other factors.  In these cases, little can be done to improve the rate of growth of the toenails.  Keeping the nails moisturized with either vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, a urea based cream or nail gel, or other moisturizers may be of benefit.

As a general rule, it is always advised to keep the nail cut shorter than the end of the toe.  This ensures the toe itself is what is hitting the shoe, and not the nail.  For more information or if you would like to discuss potential treatment options for your nail problems, give us a call!


A recent study has documented potential harmful effects of nail polish, including possible birth defects when worn by pregnant women.  It has long been known that chronic use of nail polish can create a number of problems, but not to the severity alleged in this study.

It is never advised to wear nail polish for weeks and weeks.  Doing so can cause damage to the nails, including discoloration or yellowing of the toenail.  In many commercially available polishes, the dyes can leech in to the nail, leading to this discoloration.  Additionally, chronic use of polish can also result in a superficial fungal infection on the surface of the toenail.  This type of infection is usually amenable to topical medications, such as Penlac. 

Of a bigger concern, as the article alleges, is the possible damage caused by the "toxic trio", a number of preservatives and chemical often found in these polishes.  The primary concern, however, surrounds the lack of documentation to consumers that these chemicals are present in the polish.  To my knowledge, it has not been definitively proven, but alleged that prolonged exposure to these chemicals can potentially cause birth defects in pregnant women.

To avoid a number of these problems, use of nail polish, such as JUST FOR TOENAILS, that are preservative free and contain teatree oil for improved nail health, is recommended.  We sell this polish in our office to the general public for $20/bottle.  Stop in to review the wide array of shades available.  Moreover, if you have been treated for a fungal nail infection in the past, it is advised to use such a nail polish to reduce the potential for recurrence.  If you live outside of town, call us and we can ship the polish to you!









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